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What if you could reduce your expenses by flexibly adapting your sqm to your real needs, while offering your employees a place to gather weekly?

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Perpetuation of teleworking, flex office, rationalisation of m², preservation of cash flow, cost savings... Companies are faced with unprecedented real estate challenges. And they must jump on the bandwagon!

How to maintain teleworking while ensuring team cohesion? And if the office/telework mix is maintained, how do you optimise the surface areas and workstations? How to get together?

A tailor-made formula that adapts to your operational and organisational needs. You adapt the size of the office and the meeting room according to the evolution of your workforce and your work organisation.

And you take advantage of a great address with virtual office services to relieve you of administrative tasks and focus on your business!

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All the advantages of a tailor-made formula that can be freely modulated!

One thing is certain: the office, as a social place, remains indispensable!

And you have access to all the Multiburo social areas, entertainment and networking events!

A great business address

A flexible serviced office

for your company with all the services of a virtual office (mail management, parcels, personalised call taking, administrative assistance...)

to allow your employees to work in peace occasionally, to store your files and equipment, and to organise business meetings.

which is reserved for you one full day per week to bring your teleworking staff together and maintain the team dynamic.

With Base Camp, you allow your teleworking teams to have an anchor point and to meet every week!

A dedicated meeting room