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Teleworking is becoming more widespread and involves new ways of organising work. But one thing is certain, working in a team requires regular meetings to maintain social links, to feel involved and integrated in the company and to make effective progress on projects.

The subscription formula makes the purchase process very simple, easily renewable and scalable. This is a relief for HR and managers who are reassured that their teams can telework with peace of mind while being assured of being able to meet regularly. All this at the pace of the project in a beautiful space designed for their working comfort.

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A private coworking space to bring together your teleworking teams!

Welcome to the era of hybrid work where everything is simple and flexible!

A fully modular, tailor-made formula

Fully flexible duration and frequency

Connect'Team can be adapted to all team sizes. We provide you with the right space according to the number of users and we arrange it according to your needs: as a global bench to be grouped together, in a U-shape for better concentration, or in small islands to allow you to work in small groups.

You choose the frequency and duration of use: for example, two fixed days per week, or two whole weeks in a row. And you can change the number of people whenever you want: for example, by integrating a dozen people the first week and twenty people the following week... anything is possible!

And if some employees remain at a distance, the team benefits from the Visio Multiburo offer: audio and video equipment guaranteeing optimal sound and image quality.

A flexible and scalable subscription for more simplicity

Opt for Connect'Team, the Multiburo private coworking space!

You have your own private coworking space for one or two days a week! We provide your teams with a dedicated, comfortable and fully equipped room and they have access to all the services and amenities on site.

Connect'Team is available throughout the Multiburo network!

23 addresses ideally located in the heart of major cities, main business districts and TGV stations in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Welcome to the new hybrid workplace where everything is flexible!