Turnkey private offices and open spaces, operational within 24 hours, modular and for the duration of your choice. Ideal for combining office and teleworking or for setting up a project team.


With your subscription, you can work whenever you want in any of our Multiburo locations. Enjoy stylish and quiet coworking spaces, designed for your comfort and work wherever you want!


150 spacious, well-equipped meeting rooms with natural daylight for your meetings, interviews, training sessions or business meetings. A la carte services are available on site.


The office, a crucial place for sociability, a return to the fundamentals of work

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 The expert's perspective >
Analysis by Alain d'Iribarne, economist, labor sociologist and chairman of Actineo's Scientific Board

 The expert's perspective >
Interview of Jean-Christophe Beau, founder of My Mental Energy Pro

 The expert's perspective >
Interview of Olivier Saguez, designer and founder of Saguez & Partners

The ideal office, a place to concentrate and to feel good

The ideal office, a place to perform and be inspired

Multiburo and BureauxLocaux conducted a survey of 350 professionals actively looking for an office and surrounded themselves with business experts to better understand the post COVID office. Together they decipher the results of the survey and reveal the DNA of the ideal office in the post COVID world.

From private to professional sphere :
converging expectations


The office, a place for exchange and expression

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Going to the office today: a survey to understand users' expectations.

Today, there is no need to come to the office every day. The way things are done has changed. But one thing is certain, the office still has many years ahead of it.

So, in this world where the relationship to work is changing, what are the real expectations of users? Why do people prefer to come to the office (or to a third place) when they can work from home? What makes people feel good in the office?

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In this white paper you will find :

  • The exclusive results of our survey 
  • The DNA of the ideal office post COVID 
  • Interviews and advice from experts 
  • Infographics and key figures 
  • Tips for creating YOUR ideal office